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Power outage

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Text outage (space) then your zip code to 24612 to get up to the minute power outage status in your area. Just a useful tip from a place on shady hill!
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Simple Seat Restyle

It is awesome how a can of spray paint can create a complete transformation! The previous owner of our house left us “random stuff” at closing. These two chairs were just a few of the items that she didn’t take with her. They are certainly an eye sore so it is time to give them a lift.

Don’t be fooled by the hard looking iron of these chairs. They are surprisingly very comfortable!

We will admit that here they look like two pieces of junk that should hit the road, but they are not. They are great chairs and worth the work to stay at our home.

We wanted to keep this a simple project and bring them back to life. So what did we do to them?

We purchased two cans of Rust-Oleum from Walmart. This paint is a brownish shade but has a hammered effect to it. It is perfect for outdoor furniture.

Specifically one great thing about this product is that it can be applied directly over rust spots. These chairs have plenty of those as you can see here.

Time to get started on this seat restyle! Here is all you need:

  • Tarp
  • Spray Paint
  • Steel Brush
  • Gloves

We determined from the size of the each chair that we would need about one can per chair. Each can was purchased for $5.47 each. Talk about an inexpensive project. Another key tool for this project was a hard bristle brush. We already had this brush but if you don’t have one you can find this at any hardware store.

First things first…place your chairs on a tarp in an open area. Spray paint can be a bit messy…

Now you are ready to get started. If the chairs that you are working with already have a coat of old paint on them then you will need to brush this off the best that you can.  Brush the chair in an upright motion to chip away at the existing paint. This is an important step as you do not want to paint over any peeling pieces because your new paint job will not last.

You should see a mess like this when you are finished brushing.

Once you have finished scraping with the brush, you are ready to paint! We highly recommend wearing gloves when using spray paint. This was an after thought for us, so they are missing in our pictures. Lets just say that I still can’t get the paint off of my hands…

Slowly and steadily hold down the nozzle and begin spraying  about 6 inches away from the furniture in long and overlapping strokes. Doing this will apply the paint nice and flat. It is important to “throw” the paint down on the chair and not “tag” the paint.  Please take your time here…do not rush.

You will most likely need to apply three total coats to each chair.

After lightly coating the chairs, let them dry. The paint will dry quickly.

Once they have dried, go ahead and begin your second coat. Remember to still keep your strokes light and even.

Wow, look at the chair transform already and we are not even finished!

After the second coat, go ahead and let them dry again. We let the chairs dry via poolside!

After you have finished applying three coats, you may need to go back and do touch ups on spots that were missed. Don’t worry, it is easy to miss spots when spray painting. Please also note that the hammered effect of the paint is hard to capture in our photos. If you use it, you will see that it gives the furniture a wrought iron finish that is nice and smooth.

Check out the transformation!



Why not add a throw pillow…

So again, here is our deck bistro table before…

…and here it is afterwards! We are possibly thinking about picking up another can of paint and doing the table to match. That will make the chairs and table look like a set.

The chairs make a pretty table look more inviting!

If you have any rusty old lawn furniture, go ahead and give it a new life! This is a simple and very inexpensive project that makes a huge difference.

Stay open-minded and you will see potential in anything!

It’s raining…no pool, no beach, no BBQ…

It is a great day to get some projects done around the house though! Need some ideas?

  1. Today would be that day to tackle the linen closet clean out…hey, what do you have to loose besides all the stuff you don’t know that is really in there?
  2. Dust, vacuum, clean… not an ideal August day spent, but when else do you have time to get this done in between all your Summer fun, vacations and activities?
  3. Organize your garage… open the bay and watch the rain while you tidy up all the stuff you have taken out for the Summer.
  4. Unfortunately, Summer is coming to an end, so now would be the time to go through your Fall wardrobe and decide what you are going to keep and what you are going to donate or take to consignment.
  5. And finally…Justin’s Tip: Save some money! Call your phone, cable and internet provider and ask to have your bill re-evaluated. Ask them what they can do for YOU today!

What are you going to do today?

Closet Clean Up

Let’s switch gears for a bit and talk about organization in the house. I absolutely love to organize things, but this is one thing that since moving into the house a little over a year ago that I just haven’t had time to tackle in every room yet. One of my goals is to live a bit simpler and not have so much “stuff”.What’s a more perfect way to kick off the journey to this goal other than starting with a spot that has the most disaster to it…the dreaded linen closet. It is absolutely crazy how much product one can acquire over the years… endless bottles of body lotion, sample sizes of shampoo, etc, etc.

This post is about simple organization without spending any money. We did not go out and buy fancy organizers. This is about using what we already had… baskets, containers, etc to make this an easy accessible closet. You can do the same! After you read this we hope that you will feel inspired to march over to that scary closet of yours and fix it. And if your closet is perfect already, than you are ahead of the game!

Here is the very neglected upstairs linen closet. Apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures as I had to use my iPhone  to shoot these.

Geez, we should be very embarrassed about this… its like airing dirty laundry or something!

What a mess…things just thrown all over the place. There is absolutely no system in place whatsoever.

The first thing I did was to take everything out of the closet and lay it all out on the floor. This makes a mess but really is the best way to tackle this this type of monstrosity.

Next, I began to group the product into the following categories on the floor…

  • Bath
  • Hair
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Misc/random
  • Items used daily
  • Items that haven’t been used in a long time
  • And so on…

I then went around the house and gathered unused storage baskets and…these!

Yes, these resealable plastic totes are the packaging that you receive when you purchase a set of bed linens. They are great for storage because they allow you to see the contents that you put in them. This is especially great when you are organizing bath items, and not to mention this is a very green initiative, since they are being reused for another purpose. Overall, the key is to make sure your items are not too hidden. If they are, you won’t use them, believe me! Clear and open storage is the way to go.

After I grouped all of the items on the floor, I then began to place them in all the different types of storage that I gathered (staying with their category of course)…. I used the clear linen bags, old travel toiletry bags (why get rid of them when you can use them for storage!) and baskets as seen here:

By having everything organized so nice and neat as seen above, you will avoid these types of situations that I recently experienced:

Last week I said to Justin, “we are COMPLETELY out of toothpaste…can you stop at the store after work ASAP to pick some up?!” Well, we were in fact clearly NOT out of toothpaste as you can see…

And how about last week I went to work with a Hello Kitty band-aid on since I thought that was all we had (lucky for me that I can get away with that kind of stuff where I work as being employed at a fun toy company sure has advantages!) Look at all the very grown-up selections of band-aids that we had stuffed in the back of the closet!

Knowing what you have will keep you from buying too many multiples of items which in turn will save you $$. Simple as that!

Ok, now back to the project. After I had every single item in a organized storage container, it was time to place everything back in the closet. Now remember, if you haven’t used a particular product in over a year, toss it! Either it has become expired or you just will not use it. Think about it, if you haven’t used it in a year, what makes you think that you will actually use it in the next year? Just sayin’… 🙂

Now starting over…empty and clean.

I began at the top by taking out all the towels and refolding them nicely. Now that is refreshing…

On the middle shelf, I placed items that we use daily. They are very easily accessible here, with less of a chance of getting messy again since they are placed nicely with order.

As for the bottom two shelves, I placed items there that we don’t use daily, keeping ones used the absolute least in the back of each shelf.

Now, you may be saying to yourself that this still looks a little messy…but the point is that everything now has a place. We now know what we own in there and will use it up…that’s the most important part. This is not a closet that guests will need to go in, so as long as we know where everything is, that is all that matters. Thanks for reading. Go get organized!

Double Dose of Doors, Part II

We are back for the second part of this post! It is now time to show you all how we transformed our garage door into something with more curb appeal.

Justin is obsessed with wood barn garage doors. Here is an example of what we are referring to.

Here is what we have to work with. This is a before shot of our aluminum single garage door…

A real wood garage door is not something we are willing to spend our money on at this point, since we have many other projects and updates higher on the list of important things to do.  So, Justin found a solution online to achieve the look for a lot less.

He purchased a Decorative Garage Door Hardware kit from eBay. The kit includes two pull handles and 4 strap hinges as seen below. It also includes all the screws you need to hang each piece.

Only drilling required! This kit is easy to use and improves the appearance of your garage door(s) in just 15 minutes or less.

All you need to get this project rolling is:

  • A power drill
  • A phillips head screwdriver
  • Heavy gauge tape (we used duct tape)

First, you need to decide where exactly you want to place the hinges on your door(s). This is probably the hardest part of the entire project because you want to make sure you get it just right to achieve the best look that you possibly can with the kit. Justin watched other people demonstrate how they placed their hinges via You Tube videos. This helped greatly.

Once you determine placement of your first hinge, use the tape to keep it in place. Do not drill yet. You first want to tape up all the hinges and handles and step back to assess the placement.

Keep going with the taping until you have placed all four hinges on the door. We were lucky with our door because we have lines to level everything with.

Next, place and tape the two handles.

Once everything is taped, step back and carefully examine the placement. You want to make sure it is perfect before you start the drilling. Also, be sure to have someone else take a look too.

Once you are 100% happy with the placement, you are now ready to start the drilling. If your doors are aluminum like ours, we recommend that you pre-drill the holes. Once you do that, you then can use your screwdriver to place the screws by hand so that they will have a nice grab to the doors.

Continue this process for all four hinges…

After all of the hinges are screwed into place, go ahead and tape up the two handles. Then, step back and check out the placement. Or, you can vogue like Justin is in this picture, haha. Perhaps he was listening to Madonna while working on this project?

Do the same for the handles as you did for the hinges. Drill first, then screw in by hand.

And there you have it-a complete garage door transformation for under $30.00. We highly recommend if you are interested in doing this to your door(s) to check out what eBay has to offer just as we did. We called local shops and they were asking $100.00 and over for similar type kits. Also on eBay there are many different styles of hinges and handles to choose from.

This is also a great update to make if you are looking to sell your home and want to add a special pop to the outside of the house. This will certainly attract buyers! And if you don’t want to drill any holes in your doors, they sell magnetic versions of these kits on eBay too!

Always feel free to email us or comment on the posting if you have any specific questions on any of our projects!